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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 14, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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michigan. they are moving all small car production, all of it, 100%, to mexico over the next two to years. it just happened. we shouldn't allow it to happen. we shouldn't allow it to happen. they will make the cars and employ thousands and thousands of people not from this country. they will sell the cars through a weak border with no tax or nothing and we will have nothing but more unemployment in flint and in michigan. it's horrible. when we send our jobs to other nations, we are also sending our tax base that supports our infrastructure that includes our pipes that we get the water from. i met the most beautiful family and they are devastated by what happened with the water and it had a huge impact on them mentally and physically to see
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what's going on. the infrastructure and all of this is going to other nations. our jobs are going to other nations. our money is going to other nations. we get nothing. no tax, unemployment. that is about it. factories. hillary clinton supported nafta and the entry into the wednesday. that's probably the worst deal probably in the history of the world. in the history of the world, signed by bill clinton that allowed china to run up a $1 trillion deficit with the united states. china now, you look at what is going on, a trade deficit of $500 billion. hillary failed on the economy. just like she failed on foreign
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policy. nothing worked out. hillary clinton -- >> i invited you here to thank us and not give a political speech. >> okay. i will go back. >> flint's pain is a result of so many different failures. i must say that -- i never would. "time" magazine as you know, they reported this year that the federal government got a long way to go to bring flint back and i look at the damage done and the damage can be taken care of. and the damage can be corrected. it can be corrected by people who know what they are doing. unfortunately the people that
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caused this tremendous problem had no clue. they had absolutely no clue. it's an honor to be with you and i appreciate it. i can only say in the strongest of terms that we can fix this problem. it's going to take time. it's amazing the damage that has been done. we will get it fixed. it will be fixed quickly if i'm elected and it will be fixed clickly and effectively and bring jobs back to flint. without the jobs and without the jobs, so important. thank you very much. >> back here in new york, that was donald trump you were seeing there and he was at the united bethel methodist church in flint, michigan.
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donald trump making a visit to that city, speaking at that church. it sounded like there might have been heckling from the audience. trump at one point veered into a political attack on his opponent and the pastor came out with him and told him that it was their policy and hope he would not be delivering a political speech and keep his remarks focused on the water crisis there that flint has been dealing with for sometime. trump apologized and continued speaking. the mayor of flint, the democrat in advance of this trip said that the city cannot afford the disruption of a last minute visit. that was donald trump making a trip to flint at the height of the campaign. as you can see, 55 days to go from today to the election day. in the home stretch topping our agenda here for the next hour. we have trump's medical records that are becoming something of a daytime soap opera. he goes on the dr. oz show that
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disclose health results. >> for your health is as strong as it seems, why not share your medical records? >> i have no problem in doing it. i have it right here. should i do it? i don't care. >> that was taped earlier and we have not seen the entire interview, but information coming out in drips and drabs from audience members. we have learned interesting details. we will tell you about those in a minute. also on the agenda. hillary is at home resting. the third and final day staying at home for her after the diagnosis of pneumonia. the campaign said they will be putting out new information about her medical records and history and about her health soon. there are new poll numbers out that show how important it is for them to get that information out there fast. and also on the agenda, the third party spoiler. gary johnson has made the ballot
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in all 50 states. the first third party candidate to do that, but could he have an impact on who wins and loses in november. his running mate, the former massachusetts governor will join us this hour too. much more still ahead, but we will begin with our top story. health taking center stage in the presidential election with just under two months to go until election day. hillary clinton rests at home for the third day following that diagnosis, donald trump was at a taping of the doctor oz show. he is scheduled to be the first guest when that i show premiers again. the show took place today and he was a guest, but they will air is tomorrow. the first look between donald trump and dr. oz. we are starting to get clips.
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>> if your health is as strong as it seems, why not share your medical records? >> i have really no problem in doing it. i have it right here. should i do it? i don't care. should i do it? it's two letters. is the report and the other is from lennox hill hospital. >> may i see them? >> sure. >> those are all the tests that were just done. >> the two letters he handed to dr. oz. the campaign is mum on releasing that document to the public so that everyone can see what he showed to dr. oz. the audience members and individuals were revealing some of what transpired after that clip we just showed you. one person at the taping saying that he read off trump's weight and it was 267 pounds. dr. oz saying he was slightly overweight. the person had key vitals and
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dr. oz reading off statistics about an ekg and blood pressure and cholesterol levels. one audience member said he described campaigning as his exercise and moving his hands around when he was speaking was a work out. the exam was performed by harold bornstein. the name is trump's long time doctor. you may remember him from back in december when the trump campaign put out a letter saying if trump was elected he would be "the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency." that was his personal physician there. harold bornstein. katie has been covering these developments here. we know he handed information to dr. oz, we are not sure exactly what was there, but we got more details. fill us in on that and what we are hearing in terms of finding out more. will we get the letter? >> it's unclear if we will get the letter or not or get
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additional history, but i can tell you, it has been something of a whirl wind today. this morning his campaign is telling reporters that donald trump would not be discussing his medical records or the results of his physical on dr. oz today. his campaign manager saying it wouldn't be appropriate to release things on a television doctor show. he went on dr. oz and he handed him what he called his medical information. i guess the results of his latest physical. we have not seen that paper and we can't independently verify what he said did in fact come from lennox hill hospital or donald trump's own doctor. you ran through what the audience members were told us were the headlines from that taping that donald trump is 267 pounds. dr. oz said he was slightly over weight. he talked about his ekg and
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blood pressure and said those were relatively normal numbers for a man his age. it's unclear if this is when is actually on record or this is just what donald trump wants the public to know. remember the other day, dr. oz said on fox news radio he would only ask him questions that donald trump wanted to answer. this is all in an effort at least by appearances for the trump campaign to look transparent. they are doing this in the face of hillary clinton having that health incident over the weekend in the 9/11 ceremony here in new york. they said after that that donald trump would release more information. he said in tweets in the past that he looked forward to releasing more information as long as hillary clinton did. they seemed to be out ahead of her in releasinging this information. it's not a lot of detail. it does not go on to talk very much about his family history.
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at least that what we can tell, his medical history. so it's just really a scratch on the surface right now. >> we will wait to see you as more emerges. he taped the interview with dr. oz and will air tomorrow. katie is reporting. in terms of how it affects the presidential race. we have new numbers. poeing has been conducted by morning consult. they did this with politico. polling in the wake of hillary clinton's health scare at ground zero on sunday. this is a poll conducted after that. we want to show you about how voters think about their health. voters were asked how would you assess donald trump's health, good or average, 70% said it falls into some category on the good or average side of things. 16% said trump's health is poor
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in their view. how does it compare to hillary clinton? this is not surprising given what happened sunday. significantly lower than trump. about a 41% saying her health is poor. you will get partisan polarization. you have a lot of republicans who will account for a big chunk of that 41% too. some of the politics of this too, in terms of being transparent, that is one of the issues raised here. has donald trump been transparent about his health, voters saying 36% yes. again, that number is higher than hillary clinton's 27% saying she has been transparent about her health. the information the candidates have put out there, do you think it is false information? 37% said they think donald trump
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has done that. that's the perception in the wake of what happened and that's the snapshot look at the perception they have. in terms of what actually is on the record, from hillary clinton, here's what we have. right now she put out the letter. as her campaign was getting under way, her family history and medication she was on and personal history as well. there was the discussion of her concussion a couple of years ago and she is a healthy 67-year-old female whose medical conditions are hyper thyroidism and seasonal pollen allergies and an elbow concussion in 2012. when you compare the letter from clinton's doctor to the letter from dr. bornstein, there is more information in the letter
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that hillary clinton put out. we don't know what new information exactly donald trump provided. we will find out if that is released and we have that promise from the clinton campaign that they will be releasing further information about her medical history and her health sometime this week in the coming bays and maybe sooner. we are keeping an eye out for this as well. that is what we received. some people say the gold standard might have been set in 2008. john mccain was 72 years old and he let doctors review 1200 pages of his medical history. neither of these have come close to doing that. this is where the clintons live. casey hunt, what do we know in terms of hillary getting back on the trail and in terms of the promise that they will be
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releasing more health information as well? >> that was a pretty thorough run down of what we know at this point about hillary clinton's health. we have been expecting the campaign to follow through on that promise we made earlier this week to release more updated information about her health in the wake of her suffering from mu no onia that we learned about on sunday after she stumbled on the way out of that. this thrusts the issue of health back into the public eye. i think the question is politically for hillary clinton, how does it continue to play out? does this become something they are able to move past quickly or does it continue to nag them? is she continuing to be beset by health-related episodes on the trail. you are right that he set the standard for this and released thousands of pages of medical records or 1,000 plus pages of
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medical records because it really became a political issue in a way that we haven't seen. it was also you may remember an issue of his temperament. he was showing people and trying to open the book and saying there is nothing in here that should cause you to be concerned health-wise about that. there was a clearing of the air and standards have been different depending on the general public perception of a candidate's health. john kerry and george w. bush was not as much of an issue because they were perceived to be in good shape. this changed a little bit with time. hillary clinton has been out there saying she met the standards that president obama and mitt romney in 2012 met in releasing medical information. a list of major incidents that happened before. a list of medications they are taking. very different from that let
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they're we have from donald trump's doctor that stood at one page. we will see what he has given out to dr. oz. they have been able to argue that they have put out more information than her current opponent. steve? >> casey, thanks for that let's bring in nbc news and dr. john torres. thanks for joining us. in terms of the information, we are waiting to see what the campaign puts out and what new information they put out. we are waiting to see what it was that they showed to dr. oz today. i'm sure you heard the same tidbits. in terms of what you have seen and what is available from both candidates. what can you say about the health of hillary clinton and the health of donald trump? >> we can say more about the health of hillary clinton because we have more information. that doesn't mean we don't have questions or issues with donald trump, we just don't know as
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much. what we know is she did have incidents of blood clots and one of them it appears she was probably on blood thinning medication at the time. that raises a few more questions. if she is still getting clots with blood thinning medication, why is she getting that? is there an issue with that? she had episodes of dehydration and the fact that she doesn't drink much water. is that true? that's with hillary clinton. if we go to donald trump, what we know so far are the clips we heard saying that we think he is 267 pounds. we know he is 6'2". i would disagree because that puts somebody in the obese category. that's not a healthy weight and we need to get more fine tuning on and better understanding. when we get more information on his health and issues, we can start asking the questions more and the main emphasis here is as
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people want to make sure they can make it through the pedestrian okay. as a doctor i am looking at the medical record of what i do with my patients. i need more information to complete the whole picture. it's a puzzle. we have a few pieces and i need a lot more information to put them to get the complete picture of their health and how they are doing now and how they have done in the past and how they do in the future. that's the important part. >> the question of balancing privacy with the public interest. how much do you think we need to know from these candidates. there is a wide range here and mccain allowed access to 1200 pages. at what point is it sufficient? >> that's the gold standard. the complete record where i can go through and lock at everything that has gone on to get an indication of what might go on as a future. not as a doctor for who i will vote for for president and who will make it through the presidency. you bring up a great question.
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some of these things probably don't matter. some presidents had severe medical issues and did fine. jfk had addison's disease. they are big historical figures and did fine. there will be things that we need to make sure that we can say okay, is this a health issue that is a big enough concern that i want to look twice at what i do with my vote. >> we have barry bennett, adviser to the trump campaign and an opinion writer at "the washington post." we have the clip with donald trump on the dr. oz show. the week started with numbers and a physical and a report we will share with you guys. meaning the media and the public and now we have him handing this piece of paper to dr. oz. do you think we will get more out of the trump campaign. are we going to see what he handed over? >> i would expect so and here's
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why. the truthfulness issue is what he has got going against him. if i would be advising, i would hand over blood and urine samples and go way beyond normal. you want to stress that truthfulness issue. she keeps playing into. >> we showed some of the numbers in the polls about how voters assess the health. one of the reasons they assess trump's health better than clintons is there was no public health scare, but the lack of information may be helping him. >> i'm not a doctor and i don't play on tv, but blood clots and fainting are scary. weighing 267 pounds is a lot less scary. >> in terms of the clip and in terms of what we are learning from that, what do you make of that? >> that adds to the spectacle that has been the donald trump for president campaign. the idea that you have a person
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running for president reveal medical records such as they are on a television show, a daytime television show in keeping with the way donald trump does this campaign. it's not your normal presidential campaign. i think you mentioned at the beginning of the segment that maybe it was -- i'm spacing on who the reporter was, whether it was katie or kacie. when he put out a letter from her personal doctor that gave lots and lots of information on par with what then senator obama and mitt romney have done, not to the level of john mccain, but the american people know a lot more about hillary clinton's health than about donald trump and releasing a physical from a
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hospital and a letter from a doctor and halle jack has interview and shown them to be less than credible. it adds to the incredible nature of what donald trump is doing. >> what does it say to you that given that letter she put out that was a lot more thorough and substantive. we have looking at this poll, 50% of people look at that and say she is giving false information. only 37% say that about trump. >> i'm not putting any credence in from polls of people and their opinions of her medical records. as i said before, she put all this stuff out and whether people believe her or not, on the one hand is a problem for the campaign because it feets into the narrative that hillary clinton and the clintons in her campaign are not transparent, but on the other hand, it shows
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they don't believe a letter from her personal doctor said that the disinformation campaign that all the clintons do is lie is working. >> you were an adviser and did you know anything about this doctor here in new york? how does that look to you? a lot of people look at him and look at the language he used in that letter. the astonishingly excellent health and healthier than any president. he was not reviewing martin van buren. >> i wouldn't have put that out. i would have gone to an executive program where you can do a full health work up in a couple of days and released the results. he has really good health care. he can nag out. >> someone with familiarity with the campaign, we have not seen donald trump himself since sunday trying to push the issue. we have not seen him tweet being it. he had been making a lot of
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insinuations, but since then he hasn't. is this tough for him to do that and show that discipline? >> i think it's growth. we have seen the most disciplined campaigns in the last couple of weeks. he doesn't jump on the health issue and has been restrained on twitter. it's a new campaign and they're doing a good job. >> barry bennett and jonathan. the attorney general has an inquiry under way into donald trump's nonprofit foundation and he calls it a left wing hit job. clinton compares her family's foundation to trump's. >> you heard trump talk about the clinton foundation and you may not have heard while he attacks one of the top charities, his foundation is fined for an illegal donation. when you hear him talk about corrupt politics, remember which
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former secretary of state colin powell had faithing words calling him a national disgrace and international pariah in a personal e-mail and they were obtained by hackers and that e-mail has been verified by nbc news. colin powell verified this. he called the birther campaign a racist movement referring to trump in 2011 suggesting that president obama was not actually born in the united states. powell has warned that the hackers have a lot more. i want to turn to the coauthor
1:30 pm
of hrc and political reporter at the boston globe. he has seen his name dragged into this. there is not a clinton defender who doesn't first invoke powell and what he may have told her. he has become a central player and he is not happy about the circumstances. >> not at all. you had the drip of him talking about hillary clinton last night and how he was not involved in her getting the private server. he doesn't want his name involved in this whole thing. a lot more e-mails came out that pointed the finger again where he was pointing the finger at both trump and clinton. it doesn't look good for her either. the things he said about her are not flattering. >> they are dripping out right now. i am sure there will be more. i also want to get in the news
1:31 pm
here that the attorney general here in new york, he is a democrat and a supporter of hillary clinton and now looking into the trump foundation and we talked to katie. >> it's hard for me to see him as having the integrity that it takes to be president and having the credibility that we need from our president dealing with other world leaders. >> of course this new headline comes after quite a bit of a devastating reporting about the trump foundation from the "washington post." this is a new piece trying to dismiss this as a partisan attack right now. does this have legs? >> it's a good headline for one day. the issue here is the investigation will not be wrapped up before the election and it will feet the narrative and they want to believe about donald trump, but one of the major points is are we talking about donald trump or hillary
1:32 pm
clinton? it's probably a good day for that particular thing. and clearly we are talking a lot more about donald trump. >> that said something about the campaign. we are just getting these in and cnn in two new battle ground state polls. surprises in the numbers. in ohio out in the last few minutes, donald trump leading by five points in ohio. gary johnson and still stein as well. this is actually the second poll to come out today out of the state of ohio that has trump ahead by points. there was a bloomberg poll that was an obama state twice. there was another obama state that is florida, new numbers from cnn out of florida. donald trump moving into a three-point lead over hillary clinton, 47 to 44%. these are likely voter polls.
1:33 pm
this is one of the things that happens after labor day. they switched from the registered voter to the likely voter models and there is usually an edge for the republicans. they have been good for trump this week. >> there was a poll that showed him ahead. these polls were taken this weekend when she was coming off of the deplorables remark and moved right into this next controversy with the illness. people are looking at that and people are not really concerned about her health so much as the larger trust issue. this builds into that trust issue and people have doubts. >> speaking of polls, you wrote about one. there is a new poll out of maine. you can get a vote by winning a district. there is drama in maine
1:34 pm
potentially. >> that's right. if you look at the map, he said he would win tra dishl states. he is closer within the margin of error. closer than in michigan or wisconsin. they have not gone for a republican since 1988 when they voted for george h.w. bush. in much of the conversation that has been about that one congressional district. in the second district, that debate shifted. he has that congressional district down by ten points from the globe. now the real battle is the statewide battle. >> the surprise because of the history, but you remember paul le page in a lot of ways a trump-like figure who had a multicandidate field and got elect and reelected. >> that's right. he said he was donald trump before there was a donald trump. one thing you are seeing, you
1:35 pm
think culturally we have a moderate place where susan colins and a place for compromise. you are seeing dramatic polarization under the ground. that place shifted as much as the country has. >> meanwhile the libertarian candidate for president, gary johnson has news. he said he is qualified for the ballot in all 50 states. that makes him the first third party candidate to do that since ross perot. wing seeing a new trend where gary johnson is finding the core of his support.
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this is it right here. florida, florida, florida, florida. it's that kind of night. >> or morning. >> tim russe election night 2000. florida, florida, florida. just about anybody who remembers the 2000 election remembers that moment. that election did all come down to florida. take a look at this. this was the state that made george w. bush president. look at that. his final margin in florida after all the court battles were settled, george w. bush beat al gore in the state by 537 votes. those 537 votes made george w. bush president of the united states and of course what democrats have always remembered about florida in the year 2000 was the margin was 537 votes and look at this. ralph nader who ran was to the left of al gore and probably picked off a lot more gore
1:40 pm
supporters than bush supporters and he got nearly 100,000 votes when the margin was 537. plenty of democrats that will tell you that ralph nader made george w. bush president. we haven't had a real serious third party candidate in those 16 years, about you we do this year. we have two. gary johnson the libertarian and jill stein the green party. when you measure the two-way race, hillary clinton for donald trump. that drops down to just two points over donald trump. the more significant thing, you don't need 50% plus to win, the winning percentage when you got it this spread out can be low. that's key for donald trump.
1:41 pm
we have seen that and he struggled to get past the low 40 no, sir polls. you see hillary clinton. donald trump is not getting up that high, if he doesn't need 50% and only needs 41, 42, 43%, he may have more of a chance. the ceiling is lower and that could benefit him. if you look at the combined vote for jill stein the green party and gary johnson the libertarian, these are not insignificant numbers. you are seeing double-digits and 21%. you are seeing 18% in new hampshire. it raises the question, which candidate are they hurting more? trump or clinton? the answer seems to be clinton because the support for these third party candidates is not spread out across the board. it is coming from one group that is supposed to be a strong group
1:42 pm
for the democrats and for hillary clinton. we are talking about young voters. a new poll said voters under 35, hillary clinton leads donald trump by 21 points. give the same voters a choice of all four candidates, look at this. first of all, her lead drops to two points. second of all, gary johnson is in second and not donald trump. there is a lot of interest. 29% of voters 18 to 34 choosing the libertarian and four points for jill stein as well. voters under 30 is a group barack obama won by 23 points in 2o 12. hillary clinton is counting on winning by big margins, but when given four choices, she is not getting a 23-point lead. how did d it play out? voters under the age of 30, look at gary johnson.
1:43 pm
hillary clinton only at 41% and trump back at 17%. this is a group where hillary clinton wants to get a lot of votes and getting far ahead. she is only at 41% there and gary johnson at 34. state-wide, she has a two-point lead over donald trump. if she was doing as strong as a democrat should with the young voters, that lead might be more. right now it looks like those third party candidates by drawing all the young voters, they may be benefiting hillary clinton. the libertarian ticket for gary johnson for president. it is crunch time and they are trying to get in the debates. they are based on the polls and they took this full page ad out, saying to the commission, you owe it to us and the american people to let us on stage and in those debates. joining us now, we have the former governor of massachusetts. he joins us now and thanks for
1:44 pm
taking a few minutes. you have the ad out right now. i know the rules say you guys have to be averaging 15%. you are not that close right now. what is your recourse if you are not at 15%? >> steve, i think it's a practical matter. the commission can do anything they want. they don't have to stick with the 15% figure adopted a long time ago when there were far fewer independents in the united states than today. they can simply waive that rule and no one would complain. i don't think they oh, us a thing, but i think they owe it to the american people. 62% of whom want gary johnson by name in the debates in this year of all years. they owe it to the american people since they are supposedly a nonprofit educational organization to help educate people so they can think for themselves. this is a year when the american voter has to think for himself
1:45 pm
or herself. >> if you stand by, we have breaking news that we will get to. we were saying at the top of the show, the clinton campaign was set to release more information on hillary clinton's health, they are doing that. new information coming in from the clinton campaign. kasie hunt has new documents. what do we have? >> reporter: right now we have a summary of new information about hillary clinton's health from the clinton campaign. this is part of that promised medical record release that they talked about earlier in the week after the diagnosis of pneumonia. just a couple quick headlines. we know the results of her chest x-ray show a small right middle lobe you in kbleen that is called a non-non-contagious bacterial mu moenia that answered questions we had about
1:46 pm
whether or not she was contagious when she was out in public. secretary clinton was treated and advised to take medicine for ten days. pretty standard antibiotic treatment. she was evaluated by her doctor and to our knowledge she has been at home all day. that's where we stand with that as well. we also know that the campaign is going to release comprehensive information about senator tim kaine from the position to attend the united states congress. dr. brian monhan. this is part of an initial batch of information. this is not a letter from her doctor at this point, but we have a summary. i can dig through a couple of things. she is up to date on vaccinations and had a normal mammogram and breast ultrasound. her blood pressure is 100 over
1:47 pm
70 and a heart rate of 70. the remainder of her exam was normal and she is in excellent mental condition. the dr. goes on to say she remains healthy and is fit to serve as president of the united states. so we are starting to get a fuller picture. as the campaign said no additional bombshells or significant departure from what we already knew. the previous report coming in 2015, the two-page let they're detailed the major medical events that she has gone through over the course of the last couple of decades that includes blood clots for which she has been advised to take blood thinners and that includes when she fractured her elbow from when she fell at the state department in 2009 and that concussion that we remember that she suffered after she had the flu. suffered a fainting spell and hit her head. she was treated at that point for a blood clot in the brain as
1:48 pm
it was related to the concussion. we will hopefully be at some point receiving more information from the clinton campaign, but that's what we know. >> kasie, thank you for that. doctor, i think you heard the hospital. new initial information and more on the way. what do you make of what she told us. >> there is new information in there and a lot of information we already knew. the new information mostly concerns the pneumonia. it's a middle lobe pneumonia. she is getting treated with a very common antibiotic to treat it with. she is treated appropriately and it's a 10-day course and she is part way through it and feeling better. the other thing they addressed is she is up to date on vaccinations and her mental health being excellent. that's the first time we heard that. we are getting there with the
1:49 pm
pieces we need to make a complete picture. the certain i have is with the blood clot issue. what is causing that and hopefully we find out more information about that. >> in terms of the specific incident at ground and do you think we have all the information we need on that? >> the pneumonia combined with dehydration could cause this to go on, but we need a deeper understanding of what happened there. the sequence of what happened and what they found afterwards that could have caused and contributed to it. she had other incidents of dehydration and passing out or nearly passing out. trying to figure out what's going on and why this might be happening and what's being done to correct it. that is the information i want as a doctor. >> more information apparently will be coming from the clinton campaign and we will see if they address that point that the doctor just raised. thank you for joining us.
1:50 pm
going to bring back in the former governor of massachusetts, the libertarian candidate for vice president. i appreciate it. i wanted to bring the breaking news in. we were talking about the debates to reset the rules as written by the debate commission. saying you have to be averaging 15% in the national polls by the middle of september to get a podium. you are making a point that they can rip up the rules for any reason. let me play devil's advocate and if you look at hillary, she collected nearly 20 million votes and campaign and got millions of people to vote for her. donald trump with the 17 republicans he had to beat out and getting millions of votes along the way. doesn't that elevate them to a different level that deserves a wider audience than a party like the libertarians where you had a couple hundred people who give out a nomination? >> the favorability ratio is a
1:51 pm
lot higher than clinton or trump, but only 30 or 35% of the voters know us. we made an open letter and let us in the first debate and they recommended that that 15% be lowered to 10%. let us in the first and if we don't hit 15% after that, we will not press further to be involved in the debates. we think what's missing is for us to have a platform. we don't have the money these other parties do to tell our story. our story is that we are fiscally conservative and socially liberal or inclusive. that doesn't describe either of the other parties. people have an option to vote for someone who will balance the budget unlike the democrats and welcomes the groups unlike if i may say the republicans. that's a winning argument.
1:52 pm
we are two two-term governors in blue states. we know how to work across the aisle. they don't know how to do that in washington, d.c. either. why stick with the monopoly when you get someone who qualitatively on paper and by experience looks like i would say a more attractive alternative. >> somebody else has your title as a former governor is mitt romney, the republican candidate for president in 2012. he actually tweeted this about your party in the debates and hopes that voters get to see gary johnson and bill on the debate stage. he tweeted that the day before gary johnson was on the network and the question of syria and aleppo was raised and didn't in that moment seem to be familiar with the term, with aleppo. i'm curious, you know mitt romney. he is a friend of yours. have you talked since then?
1:53 pm
>> no, but i have been talking with mitt and his family right along since may. we have been in touch with each other. if he had an issue, we would slip me an e-mail. so gary fanned on the place name. that's not a good thing. he didn't realize the question and was talking about geography. it's a highly embarrassing moment. i think it's subsiding. the fund-raising went up and stayed up compared to the priority days in september. >> have you asked for an endorsement? >> we talked about that back in june in salt lake city. you know, mitt and jeb have been through the wars in this republican race this year. i don't know that i would ask at this point. everyone knows he likes us. the endorsement would be a nice formality, but gary and i have to do this on our. if we are given a platform, we
1:54 pm
will do it on our own and we can run the table. on that point you were talking about earlier, we think we draw equally from both parties. the reason putting both of the third parties in there hurts mrs. clinton is 100% of the green voters come out of her total. i agree with what colin powell said is donald trump will be an international pariah if he is president of the united states and if he pulls more capers like he pulled with mexico where he said one thing at the president's invitation and comes ba being and says something else on television and the united states, if i were a world leader of another country, i wouldn't be hastening to do things by bullying. that's now how it's done. it could be that we would start to draw more from donald trump as the weeks go on. that would be my hope is what he
1:55 pm
said and has done in the international area. the wall in mexico and the rounding up and deporting 11 million people. he is trying to pit group against group and it's very unappealing. >> the candidate for vice president. thanks for the time. appreciate it. >> the cnbc market wrap. >> the markets at the close and the dow losing 32 points and the nasdaq gaining 19. all about apple and lots of apple. over 3.5% and this is the first winning streak where apple gained in 2013. energy slid and first in business worldwide. bl mobile trading desk so that i can take my trading platform wherever i go. you know that thinkorswim seamlessly syncs across all your devices, right? oh, so my custom studies will go with me?
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>> this is the most important of the day. can they pull this off. 56,516. the clock is ticking. we really messed that one up. 56,516 is t$56,516 is the new me in this country. a big statistic in campaigns and helps the incumbent party so it's good for the democrats. the jump was 6% in metro areas around the country, but it went the opposite direction in rural areas. what's the significance and every county in america and you see the blue counties that are
2:00 pm
the metro areas. and that's donald trump america. blue america is hillary clinton. maybe the political effect ends up being the wash. that was the most important number of the day. mtp daily starts right now. >> if it's wednesday, breaking news on the presidential candidate health front. >> medical history day. hillary clinton is releasing her medical records, donald trump talks about his health with dr. oz. how the trump foundation is highlighting why the country needs to see trump's tax returns now. >> more facts and accusations are emerging and being levelled. >> new details from the el


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